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What is a isotank?

An isotank is a specialised liquid handling and storage container that can transport both dangerous and non-dangerous products. It can be used for the transport and storage of all types of bulk liquids, powders, granules and gases.

This type of container is lined with insulation and protection which can be made of aluminium and polyurethane. The isotanks are manufactured under ISO standards (International Standard Organization) making them suitable for various modes of transport (road, sea or rail).

At Tancomed we manage the logistics of bulk chemicals by means of isotanks to any point in the world in a safe and reliable way. We have SQAS certification, which accredits the safety and quality of logistics service providers in the chemical industry.

Advantages and applications
  • Made of stainless steel which makes it very strong and able to withstand external pressure and damage.
  • Requires no additional packaging material compared to a flexible tank that must be stored in a standard shipping container when full.
  • Bulk transport of dangerous liquids.
  • All types of non- dangerous liquids.
Own fleet and support

At Tancomed we have our own fleet of tank containers of different capacities and suitable for the most specialised uses, with thermal insulation, thermo-insulation, granulates as well as composite tank containers.

  • Isotank fleet management for our customers worldwide with cost-effective and safe routing and maintenance solutions.
  • We monitor all products transported from our isotanks to ensure the integrity of the supply chain.
  • We offer tank containers for static storage as a temporary solution to storage límites. This service will allow customers without bulk storage facilities to enjoy the benefits of the tank container transport system.
Tancomed - Isotank
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