Tancomed has more than 1 million square metres of facilities distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Six multimodal platforms with the latest technological equipment and real-time information services on the status of the goods.

Our logistics platforms are prepared for the present and the future. A complementary and necessary service that allows us to cover the entire logistics chain.

  • Warehousing
  • Full support for flexitanks and isotanks
  • Supply and assembly of flexitanks
  • Product transfer
  • Heating of flexitanks and isotanks
  • Refitting
  • Inspections
  • Drum Filling / BIC
  • Cleaning
Logistics platforms ready for the present and the future
Tancomed Valencia platform


We have facilities of more than 200,000 m², of which 80,000 m² are dedicated to storage and services for containers while 40,000 m² are for vehicle parking.

Tancomed Barcelona platform


In Barcelona we have 50,000 m² for container storage and services, as well as a 10,000 m² warehouse with mixed gauge rail access. An intermodal offer to combine different modes of transport.

Tancomed Algeciras platform


Our facilities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula have 80,000 m² for container storage and 24,000 m² for dry storage. It is located just a kilometre and a half from the port area.

Tancomed Madrid platform


In the capital of Spain we have a storage capacity of more than 50,000 m². Its location is strategic: the logistics centre is on the A3 between the M45 and M50 ring road.

Tancomed Murcia platform


In Murcia we have logistics facilities of 15,000 square metres dedicated to container storage and warehousing. A modern facility with the best road access to cover this region of the Iberian Peninsula, leader in agri-food exports.

Tancomed Cartagena platform


In the port of Cartagena, which occupies fourth place in the ranking of goods traffic in the Spanish port system, Tancomed has facilities for the storage, treatment or preparation of all types of empty equipment, especially flexitanks and isotanks.

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