–  A Flexitank is a bladder that is designed to fit inside a 20′ general freight container and which converts freight container into a non-hazardous bulk liquid transportation unit.

– It converts a 20′ dry freight container into a “tank”.


– Industrial Grade (Synthetic Latex, Natural Latex, Detergent, Lubricant & Base Oil, Fatty Acis, Plasticizers, Emulsions, Printing Inks, Glycerin).

– Food Grade (Wine, Juice Concentrates, Food Ingredients, Beverage Ingredients, Sorbital, Pastes, Water, Vegetable Oil, Edible Oil, Fructose).

When you understand the value of bulk cargo, you understand how important the small details and the specialization are.

Tancomed is an experienced company in flexitank shipments, infrastructure development and specific technical assistance.

Our team is formed by experienced professionals on flexitanks for customized solutions and technical consulting according to your company needs.


We carry out international intermodal transport of bulks by vessel, railroad, and truck, using the most profitable and efficient way in each case.

Our Multimodal capability can assist in improving our customers’ Supply Chain through the use of the same Flexitank from loading at the Supplier’s Tank to the delivery at Receiver’s Tank without any intermediary handling of cargo.

Benefits of Tank to Tank:

  • Does not require extensive handling for loading and discharging
  • Direct delivery to Tank offers excellent commercial advantage
  • Elimination of overheads cost
  • Peace of mind with One-Stop Solution


Together with our partner Infinity Bulk Logistics we have the capacity to develop and customize Flexytanks to meet different users’ requirement.


Our efficient and well trained Emergency Response Team is on call 24/7 and provide Emergency Response services upon request at all major locations. We work with an established worldwide insurance adjuster who acts as our independent surveyor and will attend promptly as and when an incident is being reported.

Benefits of Flexitank:

Simple installation and disposal.
Light weight structure.
Food grade material.
Specially designed for bulk liquid transportation.
Significant saving on logistic cost in comparison to tank-container.
Significant saving over 30% – 40% in comparison to other packaging method such as drum and IBC.
Elimination of container cleaning cost as it is a disposable product.
Reduce the risk of contamination in comparison to other packaging method.
Compatible with any mode of transportation.
Compatible with almost all food grade product.

In Comparison
Small Bulk Containers:

Drums (Steel / Plastic)

High packaging cost.
High labor cost.
Long stuffing time required.
Low space utilization.
Disposal problem.

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

High packaging cost.
High labor cost.
Low space utilization.
Disposal problem.
Requires forklift equipment.
Heavy reliance on return load.

Bulk Shipping:

ISO Tank Container

Not always available.
High rental and shipping cost.
High cleaning cost.
Slow to position.
Heavy reliance on return load.

Parcel Tanker

Not always available.
Require large cargo volume.
Port to port only.
Slow to position.
Heavy reliance on bulking installation.