The Flexi-tank® is a Flexible bag, designed and developed specially for each single type of product and for the kind of transport that is going to be used, that is installed inside an ISO 20′ dry container to be moved in conventional multimodal transport means.

Quality in the handling of the product, avoiding the possible risks of external contamination.
Materials which respect the organoleptic characteristics of transported liquid. Tancoflex® sanitary certificate.

It´s expels the residues of the receptacle, whether plastic or metallic ones. The Tancoflex® are collected at destination by our organization for their elimination, if required.

Labour security in loading and discharging operations, eliminating the dangerous handling of drums.

Important saving in loading and discharging operations (25 minutes assisted by pump, as opposed to 2 hours for handling of drums).

Loading and discharging system is similar to Tank-Container, respecting the maximum capacity tolerance.
The Tancoflex® does not present any problems of breakage or tear, since it is a fabric very resistant to pressure and friction.
Tancomed´s exclusive system for fitting up the Tancoflex® guarantees that no leakages or spillings will occur.
There are several types of Tancoflex® with different volumes for every situation, product or service.

The advantages of our Flexi-tank® represent a very important advance in transport of liquids in bulk.
We design, develop and produce our own flexitanks (Tancoflex®) for each product and type of utility, for one use or re-usable.
Our Flexi-tank® deliver numerous advantages, in quantity or quality, in front of classical liquid’s transport:
– Return expenses reduction.
– Hygiene guarantee.
– Safety.
– Loading optimisations (25% superior to conventional methods).

Tancomed counts on with experienced professionals on flexitanks for customized solutions and technical consulting
according to your company needs.
Tancomed is certificated by COA as official flexitank operator .
Our team has complete the training as per COA standards and complies with the relating audits being this submitted
regularly to COA.
In case needed, our team is able to provide technical assistance for flexitanks in our installation.